With respect to trucking import-aircargo routed to destination airports others than FRA,
VIP Wallenborn and its Contractors will fulfil the following obligations:

Departures from FRA as per required attachment

Transit Customs documentation as required by EC laws i.e. issuance from T1 or T2 plus cargo manifest  

Arrival at destination airport on 08.00 hours local time the following morning

Insurance in accordance with the Warsaw Convention / Montreal Protocol from the moment shipment is     loaded on truck

Offloading, check-in against documents and storage in Customs bonded warehouse

Presentation and report to destination airport customs officials

24 hours storage free of charge except for special storage such as deepfreeze etc.

Immediate notification of the consignee as shown on airwaybill or its designated agent

Retrieval of bank clearance if required

Issuance of CDS ( Cargo Damage Statement) and/or OSD (Over Short Damage) if necessary

Delivery of "charges-collect" shipments to appointed IATA agents only or as requested

Transportation by Customs sealed trucks

Air suspended, rollerbed-equipped, temperature controlled, oversized or HEA truck and trailers as well as courier-cars are available without prior notification

Trucks operating on VIP routes within the Federal Republic of Germany are able to operate 7 days per week due to a special exemptation permit from road-bans on holidays

FSU message for POD reasons into airline system will be sent provided access to such systems is available via SITA (optional)

Billing will be performed twice monthly, reflecting all individual shipments carried

All rates as listed in the respective tariffs attached hereto will apply for cargo freely loaded on truck

Charges are calculated at 6:1 ratio actual or volume weight, whichever is greater

Terms of payment are three weeks from invoice date

You shall not be billed for other charges related to transport by airport of destination

We are direct connected with FRAPORT/Scope